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Here are some pics I dug out recently that I hope you will all enjoy….

Granma Carmela, Uncle Tony, Aunt Mary (left) & Mum (right)

Granpa Sal (Dad’s father)

Granpa Sal

Granma Jo (Dad’s mother)

Granpa Sal

Granma Carmela & Granpa Giovanni on the beach in Atlantic City (1930s ?)

At home in South Philly (1950s)

Granma’s vegi garden, Wildwood, NJ (1960s)

My sexy Mum on the beach in Wildwood, NJ (1950s)

Yep, there I am with Mum in December, 1960 at 4 months.

I was really tiny.

I think I was about 18 months old here.

Here I am at 2 years old.

My little brother at 4 months with my bear Button Nose. I miss that bear!!!!!

I was 3 here.

I was thrilled to have a brother.

Mike and I with our next door neighbor Greg, Fall 1964. The bear was still there.

Here’s Mike at age 2.

Tarzan Junior in Wildwood, 1965.

Me at age 5 — I always loved that sailor dress.

Mike asleep in his rocker after a hard day of playing. I think he was 4.

Asleep in his favourite position (notice my bear on the sofa).


Me at age 6 in my hideous school uniform!!!!!

Age 9

Age 10

Age 11

Age 12

Age 13

Age 14

Age 18

Me with my genius artist and “little sister” Stephanie in 2008.

Mike in 2010

Mike with one of his co-workers in the operating room. Fall 2011

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  1. Oh I enjoyed these pictures. Reminds me a lot of my Italian family! Some still live in South Philly and my parents moved to Wildwood Crest year round.
    Adorable & beautiful pics – thanks for sharing.

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