Button Nose the Sad Little Bear

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Button Nose original bear

This was my baby bear and the inspiration for my second children’s picture book.  I loved this little one so much and carried him everywhere with me.  Once I grew up I started looking for him again.  It took 913 days of combing eBay searches but at last he turned up.  Over that time there were a few bears that came close, but none were an exact match; some had white paws, others had music boxes inside them, while still others looked pretty ratty!!!!!

Then suddenly one Sunday morning a miracle happened!  There on eBay was a face I knew only too well — my Button Nose!  And he was PERFECT!  The bidding was starting at .99 cents but wouldn’t end for 6 days.  I got in touch with the seller George Weber and asked him to keep everything crossed for me to win my bear.

The week finally passed and as the auction was about to end, someone tried to outbid me at the last minute!!!!!!  Fortunately, I was able to get in the higher bid within seconds of the end of bidding and won my bear!  That was on 26 January, 2013 — 5 days later, and over 900 miles, Button Nose came home.  I took pics and couldn’t stop hugging him — I was so happy to have him back I was literally in tears!!!!!

Over the next few days I toyed with the idea of a story based on my little bear and over the next year worked on it periodically.  Sadly, in January, 2014, I lost a dear cousin to pancreatic cancer at a very young age and, as odd as it may sound, that inspired me to finish the book.  I was able to find a wonderful artist in the form of my friend Kathy’s niece Brittany Wilder and she soon completed 21 adorable illustrations.  Here’s a sample —


 After going through some changes, Button Nose the Sad Little Bear is now ready for publication.  Here are the reviews I’ve gotten so far.

Reviews for Button Nose the Sad Little Bear 

Button Nose the Sad Little Bear is a great story with fantastic illustrations that tells how precious a little girl’s teddy bear is to her.  Button Nose’s journey builds upon his character and I feel teaches children the importance of love and appreciation.  A delightful story for preschoolers to listen to, wonderful for early readers to enjoy and a great bedtime story; in addition, perfect to share with classmates during story time.  The photographs at the end of the story bring it all to life, creating an emotional endearment for Button Nose and Genie.

 Rose  Putnam

5 out of 5 Stars

13 April, 2014


I thought the pix at the end completed the story in a fabulous manner — never thinking it was the author’s true story.  Simple, with nice continuity keeping my interest not knowing where this was heading.  Very nice touch with the personal photos.

Bob Nardone

24 April, 2014


Button Nose The Sad Little Bear by Gina LoBiondo is the story of a sad little bear and the little girl who gave it a home and everlasting love.  The little bear was always sad because no one wanted him.  He had been in the shop for so long but every time mothers came to the shop to buy toys for their kids, he was left behind; until one day when a mother bought him for a special little girl.  Little Girl named him Button Nose and the two grew to love each other very much.  Little Girl carried Button Nose with her everywhere, even to special family occasions.  However, Little Girl started growing up and soon her mother said she was too big to play with Button Nose.  Little Girl and Button Nose where separated and since that day Button Nose was very miserable as he was moved from one owner to the next, waiting and hoping that he would one day be reunited with Little Girl.

Button Nose The Sad Little Bear by Gina LoBiondo is a beautifully narrated children’s story about love, family, and the cycle of life.  Gina LoBiondo’s descriptive and child-friendly writing style is very fitting for the intended age group and the tone of the story is very easy for kids to relate to.  Button Nose The Sad Little Bear is a fun way to teach kids about love and family dynamics and the catchy and vivid illustrations will definitely capture any kids’ attention.  It is a very beautiful story that can be read to or by your child anytime and anywhere, over and over, and the kid will still love it.

Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite

5 out of 5 Stars

24 April, 2014 (posted on 30 April)


Children will be charmed by Button Nose the Sad Little Bear, and parents will enjoy reading it as they reminisce about the beloved stuffed toy they had as a child.  Heartwarming, and simply wonderful, this is a book that everyone will adore.  Kudos to Gina LoBiondo!

Jeanne E. Rogers

Award Winning Author of The Sword of Demelza

2 May,2014


Button Nose the Sad Little Bear by Gina LoBiondo is a touching story about a little girl having to part with her favorite stuffed bear. Both the little girl and the little bear were miserable because of that. But the little girl was busy growing up and the little bear was busy traveling all over as he was changing owners very frequently. Both friends however felt like their life was not complete without the other.

The story is accompanied by vivid illustrations that speak volumes and add greatly to the narrative.

This book is particularly special as it is based on facts and in the last pages, you can see pictures of the real people who brought the fictitious characters to life.

Children will easily relate, especially those who love to take their little bears everywhere.

Author Alinka Rutkowska

Maya and Filippo series

7 May, 2014


Children’s Author Gina LoBiondo has scored another bullseye with Button Nose the Sad Little Bear.  Besides a wonderful story (for the child in any of us) there is something more… Gina has included photos of various kids enjoying the company of Button Nose his own self!  This brought the story to “real life” for me. And it will do the same for you and your kids.  Highly creative and a joy that will be read over and over again.  I was so enamored of Gina’s previous book, Pegasus — A Dragon’s Tale, I lent it to my neighbor’s granddaughter.  I asked for it back about 2 months later.  No go!  Not only did she not want to give it back, she took that book EVERYWHERE.  To nap time, to sleep at night, when she ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  What else could I do?  When someone loves their book that much, with peanut butter and jelly on some of the pages…that’s a gift. Thank you for Button Nose, Gina (she prefers Gina to Ms. LoBiondo) your gift to us!  May we have some more?

Diane MacIntyre

The Silents Majority

11 May, 2014


Button Nose is a tale of a beloved teddy bear adored by a little girl.  Button Nose’s owner eventually loses track of him, even though he’s loved by another little girl, but he’s never forgotten his first owner and she him.  Button Nose’s original owner searches for him, not really expecting to find him, but the little girl, now an adult, does find her beloved Button Nose.  It’s a happy ending for both teddy bear and his owner.

This delightful tale is filled with wonder, loss, and hope for every child and adult whose ever cherished a stuffed animal.  This story is one of love, faith, and most of all hope.  No child or adult should miss this wonderful story.

Angie Lenkevich

12 May, 2014


Button Nose the Sad Little Bear is another fine book from LoBiondo – fun, brilliant, and enlightening, not only for children, but also for those of us who have gotten on in years!

Prof. Tom Macaluso

Macaluso’s  Used and Rare Books

18 May, 2014


 Gina LoBiondo writes with such sincerity in all of her work, and Button Nose The Sad Little Bear is a great example of this.  This story is a mix of actual events and fantasy — Gina writes what path her beloved bear may have taken when it left her home as a child, up until she recovered it as an adult.  With easy to read sentences and adorable illustrations to fit, this story will capture any child’s attention and teach them about love, loss, and family.  This book also offers a great opportunity to explore with your child where toys go when they are lost or given away.  Button Nose The Sad Little Bear is a great read and heartwarming story that should be enjoyed by everyone!

Stephanie Zuppo

21 May, 2014

 Well, that’s all for now — enjoy the page and please stay tuned for more updates!

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